The Backrooms Level 0 Lobby 25 Minutes of Ambience YouTube

I made Backrooms level 0 (I thought my PC was gonna BSOD any second lol) backrooms

Hey everyone! WELCOME TO BROOGMASS DAY 1 (LEVEL 0)This is the first day of 13 daily uploads. I hope you're excited for it! This video is all about level 0 in.

The Backrooms Level 0 "The Lobby" in Environments UE Marketplace

Inspired by the eerie image that started it all, Level 0, also known as "The Lobby," is an endless labyrinth of nonsensical hallways decorated with yellow wallpaper and lit by fluorescent lights. Like many other floors in the Backrooms, Level 0 doesn't adhere to the laws of physics, with the rooms appearing to shift and change constantly.

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The Backrooms Level 0 is also known as Entering the Back rooms.It has a survival difficulty rating of CLASS 1 and is SAFE, SECURE and contains a MINIMAL ENTI.

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Level 0, also known as The Lobby, is the first Level in Escape the Backrooms. It resembles an Office from around the 1970s with a bright yellow wallpaper and a damp, unkept carpet. The Level is at a relatively normal size, but has two layers.

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This level often confuses a potential return to reality, providing a disconcerting and oppressive atmosphere characterized by uncomfortable dampness and humidity that significantly exceeds the conditions encountered on Level 0.. The physical appearance of Level 0.01 is deceptively mundane, bearing the scars of wear and decay. However, its layout defies reason, forming an intricate enigma of.

The Backrooms Level 0 "The Lobby" in Environments UE Marketplace

The full summary on Level 0 of the Backrooms. Sources: subscribing if you want to see more content f.

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Finding a rare glass door will lead one to Level 1.1.; By extraordinary chances, noclipping into a pale-colored corner of a pillar will teleport wanderers into Level -80.; Noclipping into pipes will lead to Level 2.; Going down staircases leads to a variety of levels, with the most common being Level 1, Level 37.88, and Level 771; One entrance to Level 131 can be entered by going to very.

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Level 0 is the 1st level of the Backrooms, being the first location that most wanderers will initially find themselves in. Level 0 is an expansive non-Euclidean space, resembling the back rooms of a commercial building. All rooms in Level 0 share the same superficial features, such as worn mono-yellow wallpaper, old moist carpet, scattered electrical outlets, and inconsistently-placed.

The Backrooms Level 0 "The Lobby" in Environments UE Marketplace

Standard Levels, or mostly known as Positive Levels, are essentially levels that begin with Level 0 and extend beyond it. These levels are easily identifiable by their typical liminal feeling and are known for their relative stability. These were the first levels to be officially documented.

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Recorded Video n°1Level 0 "Tutorial Level"These videos are based of the backrooms wikidot with some added twists. 0 :h.

The Backrooms Level 0 Lobby 25 Minutes of Ambience YouTube

Level 0 is an expansive maze with mono-yellow floors, mono-yellow walls, and mono-yellow roofs. The fluorescent lights emit a loud hum-buzzing sound. At first glance, you will see 3 crates, a vault, a table, and an elevator. some areas of Level 0 have broken lights, it is recommended to bring a Flashlight when going into these dark areas.

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The Backrooms Wiki - The Backrooms. If you're not careful and no-clip out of reality in wrong areas, you'll end up in the Backrooms, where it's nothing but the stink of moist carpet, the madness of mono-yellow, and endless background noise of fluorescent lights at maximum hum-buzz, and approximately six hundred million square miles of randomly.

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Level 0 is the 1st level of the Backrooms, and the first level many encounter.. Description: Level 0 is a non-linear space, resembling the back rooms of a retail outlet. Similar to its previous form, all rooms in Level 0 appear uniform and share superficial features such as a yellowish wallpaper, damp carpet, and inconsistently placed fluorescent lighting.

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Backrooms Level 0 ("The Lobby") "The Lobby," or Level 0 as the enthusiasts dub it, is your launch pad into the enigma that is the Backrooms. It's the poster child of this place, the level most folks know and dread. The Lay of the Land: Imagine an office space designed by a lunatic, a maze spun out of randomness itself. Each room is a.

The Backrooms Level 0 "The Lobby" in Environments UE Marketplace

This is a Backrooms Explained Compilation video. The following videos are included in this Compilation:Level 0 is also known as Entering the Backrooms.https.

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Level 0.2 is a Sub-Level between Level 0 and Level 1 in The Backrooms created by the group Backrooms Remodeling Co. Description: Level 0.2, without touching anything within the level, appears to be a revamped or "remodeled" version of Level 0.The level appears at first to be improved completely, including dry red carpets, repainted white walls, consistently working Wi-Fi and outlets, and the.