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E-Tour. We are particularly proud of our STEVENS E-Tourer range: The dynamic character, the stable frame design and the low weight for e-bikes in this category make them our most popular bikes with electric assistance. When it comes to the motors, we trust in the compact and powerful drives from Bosch and Shimano.

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Electric bikes add to your pedaling efforts, allowing you to ride your favorite bike path with less effort. With an e-bike, you can keep up with your kids and friends without overexerting yourself. E-Bikes for MTBers. Tackle your favorite trail with more gas left over at the end. Climb hills that were once insurmountable.

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STEVENS E-8X Tour This E-Cross bike with a sporty character and 180-kilogram "Plus" weight approval offers everything you need for carefree tours through the countryside and the city. STEVENS Big technology for the little ones Lightweight, stable frames in a wide range of sizes. Reliable, easy-to-operate brakes and gears.

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Story by Tim Stevens • 19m. The hubless electric motorcycle with sci-fi style and a great name. Modern cars are riddled with sensors looking in every direction, most taxed with one simple duty.

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As with the STEVENS E-Cross line and the E-8X Tour Plus, which uses our brand new city and touring frame in an independent, sporty geometry that combines a more active riding position with agile handling. Also new for the 2023 model year is the E-6X Tour, with a revised frame and semi-integrated battery for an unobtrusive appearance, almost.


Our STEVENS E-City bikes play an active role in this steady shift in everyday traffic. In fact, our top model E-14, redefines cycling: The electronically controlled Rohloff Speedhub 14-gear system in combination with its automatic start-up system, maintenance-free Gates drive belt and LED headlight with high beam function - it has it all.

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E-Plus. Due to their incredibly stable construction, well thought-out frame design, specially crafted suspension forks and powerful brakes, the E-Plus can support a total towing weight of 180 kilograms. This is a whopping 40 kilograms more than with standard bikes. Specifically made for bigger/taller cyclists who are hard on their equipment, as.

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Find the right STEVENS bike for you on Bike-room. Team bikes, Cyclocross road bikes, eMTBs. Technical support and fast shipping. Trustpilot. Created with Sketch.. 2 Zydeco Electric Mud; 5 Zydeco King; 1 Zydeco La La; 1 Zydeco Lala; 1 Zydeco Silver Bootleg; Cipollini; 1 NK1K; Colnago; 1 C64; 1 C68; 1 C68 Frameset; 1 C68 Gioiello Limited E.

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Verge. Verge has also added a new high-tech safety suite to the top-spec TS Ultra, consisting of six cameras, front and rear active radar and a risk-assessment system. CTO and Verge co-founder.

Stevens E Bike STEVENS EHardtail Velo Schwarz Ihr Velo und EBike Stevens e bike

E-Urban. Sporty and agile by design, our new e-urban bikes of the E-Strada series offer that special extra in the form of a light and compact e-drive. The sprinty Strada Urban bikes, which combine agile, sporty frame geometry and fast wheels with plenty of steering control and seating comfort, have been real bestsellers in the STEVENS range for.

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STEVENS for 2024 may introduce some new 2024 ebikes. The STEVENS ebike range has ample room for improvement and therefore we could expect several new features. We expect a new STEVENS 2024 racing ebike, with a light engine, perhaps Fazua, a good range and a weight close to 10kg. Then a new STEVENS 2024 e-gravel bike, also very light.

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Our STEVENS E-city bikes are the active decelerators in the changing everyday traffic. For example, there is our top model E-14, which redefines cycling: The electronically controlled Rohloff Speedhub shifting system with 14 gears in combination with the automatic starting system, the maintenance-free Gates toothed belt and the LED headlight.

Stevens E Bike STEVENS EHardtail Velo Schwarz Ihr Velo und EBike Stevens e bike

There are over 200 dedicated Pedego stores all around the world to serve you. A Pedego store is like heaven when you're shopping for an electric bike. The experience is unmatched anywhere on Earth. Pedego store owners and staff are passionate electric bike experts. They put their hearts into helping you find the perfect electric bicycle, and.

Tried electric gravel bike Stevens EGetaway Newsy Today

Ebikes are considered a new class of vehicle. They are not considered a bicycle, a motorized bicycle, a motor vehicle, or an off-road vehicle. On the road, operators of ebikes are given the same rights and responsibilities as operators of bicycles - the same rules and regulations that MoBikeFed was able to pass back 1996 and update in 2005.

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Sep 13, 2023 at 3:17pm ET. By: Enrico Punsalang. German bicycle brand Stevens is set to release three new electric mountain bikes. Designed for versatility, performance, and excitement, these.